Monday, January 25, 2010

It's a Monday, ugh!

It started off pretty good. No rain, the sun peeking out and overall sibling harmony. But soon the sibling harmony was replaced with sibling discord, the sun bailed, and then

Maya pee'd on the couch:

So, I got that cleaned up as best as possible and moved on to vacuuming. As soon as I got to our bedroom I accidentally sucked up the drawstring to a pair of running shorts. So the vacuum got very loud and cranky which scared Maya so she started crying. Then I turned it over to get the drawstring out and was met with this awful sight:

So, twenty minutes later I finally got it all out:

Then Maya found my lip gloss (again):

Ugh! So, the plan to quickly clean the house and then hit the gym and run some errands was abandoned.

It's raining now but I think the drama is over. Maya's sleeping, I'm going to do my Tracy workout at home and Owen is creating some (more) masterpieces.

Oh, and I worked on this today:

We've been having some trouble getting out the door on school mornings so I decided to try and put a little chart together. I was inspired my friend Debi who has something like this for her kiddos. OM loved posing for the shots so hopefully tomorrow morning @ 6:30 a.m. they'll love actually doing it:)

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