Sunday, January 10, 2010

week in review

Every year for Christmas my especially lovely sister-in-law C'Sue gets OM organic, all-cotton, kinda-matchy hanna anderson jammies. They love them, I love them, we all love them:) This is this year's version: unicorns for Maya and dinosaurs/dragons for Owen.

This is what Maya got for Christmas: a doll house! Yay! I've looked at every possible version and style of doll house and settled on this one and am so happy. They love it and I love it too. (It's a love-fest around here) Since we were in Florida for a lot of the month we never got around to getting dolls or furniture so lately it's inhabited by dragons, knights, queens, kings, and random Playmobile people.

They also got a keyboard. They're both very interested in playing so hopefully lessons will be a part of their future.

We made them this little kitchen for Christmas last year (my friend Elise blogged about it:) out of a random cabinet in the garage. But I always felt it was missing a microwave. So, Grandma Ginger got them a little microwave and teacup set. Maya serves us tea everyday, and yes, we love it!

Owen's been quite the artist lately. We're running out of space to hang everything up...

They also got matching tie dyes this year:

Oh, and here's the week in review part:
- early in the week I found out that both Owen and Maya's preschool teachers will be going to Reggio Emilia, Italy this spring to study the schools/education philosophy for a week! While that is totally awesome on it's own, it also means that they will be offering babysitting services to raise money for their trip!! I would never dare ask them to bbs after everyday, all day with preschoolers so this is a dream come true. Plus it will be nice to support this cool opportunity for them.

-I had to give a presentation with my supervisor and coworker to the OHSU OB/GYN grand rounds Friday. UGH! Public speaking! To Doctors! In front of my supervisor! Crap, I was freaking out. It's not my thing. At all. So, I'm sitting there Friday morning, in this auditorium, filled with smart people staring at me. About 20 seconds before I was about to start my part, my inside voice started screaming at me to get the heck out of there:


Sweet, a panic attack.

Next thing I hear is my supervisor introducing Lauren and me (as the princesses of the program...awwww:) and I find myself walking up to the podium. And then the most amazing thing happened. I was fine. I was talking like a normal person, slow and controlled and was making eye contact and had zero fear. It was like a huge public speaking chill zone bubble surrounded me and I was completely fine. Then Lauren did her part and I still had one more section to do and I sat there that time totally relaxed. I was hoping I wouldn't leave the presentation cringing every time I thought back on it but I was  not expecting to feel good about it, even great about it.  Phew!

2010 is off to a good start!

- there are more week in review items but this got long so I'll work them into future posts. Speaking of which, I'm gonna try and start blogging more again. And, I've been doing a lot of sewing so photos of that are coming up. I LOVE sewing.
Gotta end on a love note:)

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