Sunday, January 17, 2010

food and fitney™

Fitney isn't my term. My friend Bree coined it and I like it:) She also brought this (↑) crazy woman into my life (more on her in a minute).

So, I'm not a big resolution person but I do like to (re)evaluate what my values and priorities are from time to time and a new year is generally a good time. I was hanging out with my dearest friend recently and we were discussing how buying, cooking and eating healthy, tasty food and getting exercise were our top two priorities/values, after the family of course.

So, the kids snack cupboard got an overhaul (if there were more than 10-15 ingredients and if any of the ingredients were not recognizable or pronounceable they got tossed [thanks for the pointers Michael Pollan]). Poor Maya could not fathom at all how bright pink fruit chews shaped like princesses could possibly be bad:( Luckily she likes real fruit and I'm also willing to buy the fruit leathers from TJ's. And so vegetables dominate the dinner table (for the hubby and I) and real butter is back on the menu (even my organic, vegan "buttery spread" had 15+ ingredients, so au revoir).

Regarding fitness: owen and maya are my gym buddies now and hang out in the kid room while I run. AND, I got the Tracy Anderson video which Woody and I do together:) I beg for mercy every time we get into the "piking series" and typically berate her for being crazy. She is. She's crazy to ask us to do such things and worst of all she makes it looks so easy while I'm writhing in pain. But it does have something going for works! I already feel so much stronger in my abs and I can do a lot more since the first time, so we'll keep chugging along.

Oh, and for a bad fitness story: I was running last week, silently cursing 24-hour fitness for being so cheap and not turning on the AC, when I heard a very loud thud and saw someone fall out of the corner of my eye. I looked over and a girl I had noticed earlier (for running very fast and wearing the same Hood to Coast shirt that I had on) was sitting on the edge of the treadmill, staring blankely, not looking good at all. So I went over to her and asked if she was okay, she said no and I could tell she was still seeing spots. She said she got dizzy and fell so I got her some water and then two (male) employees came over to check on her. One guy asked her if she hit her head and as she was trying to form a sentence I started to explain what I saw.

He then looked at me and asked if I was her mom!!!!
She was a super cute girl but she was at least 18 years-old!

'Uh, ya beef-head, me and my daughter like to wear matching shirts to workout and then run 5 treadmills apart from each other.'

Ugh, totally ruined my day. And, they seemed more concerned about their liability (I told them it was too hot in there) than the girl. Lame.

But, I'm motivated. And I'll be even more motivated if you lovely readers will share your iMixes with me. Do you know you can do this? I just learned how (from her) and I'm so excited. I figured there had to be a way to do it and so there is. The first iMix

I made for ginger h. (b/c of this☺) but subsequent ones will be running mixes.

So, what gets you movin'?
Do share!

My brother brought Owen this super great advent calendar which turned in to this great scene that O spends a lot of time playing with.

Here they are in their Christmas outfits from Grandma and Grandpa May:)

Hey Owen, let's call little mermaid and see what she's doing:

I got the phone:

Hey little mermaid, how are you? Oh, the sea witch is trying to get you? OK, we'll be right there to help you!

So, to recap: because food and fitney are the priorities (and balance and family), blogging and sewing aren't happening as much; but, I'm hoping to mix them in more. Right now I need to go focus on getting the Chargers a win...go Bolts!

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