Saturday, March 6, 2010

run, Deb, run!

My super smart and hilarious sister Debbie is running a big fat half marathon tomorrow morning! 

Go, Deb, go!!

There she is @ our wedding in one of my favorite photos from the happiest day ever.

And there she is again giving the greatest toast. I mean, super duper great and she has tears in her eyes...
and so do I...

(I had the chance to return the awesomeness a couple months later at her wedding but she's super good at that stuff and I'm super not. She made all my friends for me when we were little cuz I was too shy and she was not:)

Another favorite from the big day (my nephew there is 11 now!)
She's one of the few people that can make me laugh this hard...
Diet coke's are never farther than an arms reach from her...if they are, watch out!
And she does really, really nice things like this: she sent me that purple bracelet out of the blue recently so that I'd be safe when I was running out on the roads.

One time I was talking to her on the phone when Owen was a baby and I was about to drink a much needed super large coffee from Starbucks. Star then knocked the whole thing over and I cried out in disbelief as it seeped into the pavement. I was so bummed. A few days later a Starbucks gift card showed up with an apology from Star for spilling my coffee. :)

OK, Deb, you got this. I really hope you're wearing a tutu in your princess-half-marathon. I know you'll look adorable no matter what. 

Let's do this thing sister!!

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MercerGirl said...

i have a tear... I'm so glad the two of you have made it waaaayyyy past scratching each other's eyes out. xoxoxo