Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chestita Baba Martha (Happy Grandma Martha)

Yet another reason why I ♥ OM's preschool: the very excellent things we learn about other cultures. One of Maya's classmates, Mitko, gifted all his buddies these little red bracelets with dolphins on them with a note:

Martenitsi (red-and-white woven tokens) are exchanged on March 1 with wishes for sunny weather, good health, happiness, warmth and friendship. Granny Martha is described as a grumpy old lady whose mood swings change very rapidly as she is retiring and is being replaced by the upcoming spring. The martenitsi are symbols of spring, new life and fertility. They should be worn until you see a blooming fruit tree or the first birds of spring (stork or swallow). This centuries-old Bulgarian tradition has pagan origins.

Chestita Baba Martha,

Love it!

I know you're all dying to know how the dress turned out...well, here she is. 
So, I'm sort of disappointed with it. I lost some tension on my last row of elastic thread so it didn't smock completely and even though I cut the size that should fit me, it doesn't. It's too big. 

Ahh, it's such a drag b/c I envisioned myself wearing it in Paris (we're going to Switzerland and Paris next month!) and even having the following conversation:

Hip-hapenin' Parisian girl: Excuse me madame, I love your dress! Where did you buy that?

Me: Thank you so much. Actually, I made it...

I'm such a dork, I know. 

I do like the hem though. I think I'm getting better at that. 

Another fun day @ Out of this World Pizza Token (it doesn't really have 'token' at the end of it but OM always refer to it that way).

I just love seeing them so happy...

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