Sunday, February 28, 2010

my happy birthday...

This one's going down as one of the awesome ones! I felt the love and it felt nice. Thanks peeps!!

O&M were eager for me to open my gifts so we got started right away...

This is my breakfast in bed creation made by the two guys above (well, probably primarily by the bigger one):

Mochi waffles with walnuts, fake sausage, and chai tea. I totally wanna say how scrumptious the waffles were but they were a little strange. Not b/c of the chef but because mochi tastes yummy around ice cream but not so much on its own as a waffle. But, it was uber nice of hubby to go to so much trouble:)

Had to show how it (bk in bed) went down but I'm looking like I just got up (imagine that) so we'll keep the image on the small side.

We took my annual cake over to a friend's house to share:

Thumbs up!

O helping with the blowout...

The goods: a four-cup measuring cup (yay!), new cookie sheets (hooray), and a new saute pan (all -clad!!)...

groovy gift cards (sweet!)...

I cannot decide which book I'm more stoked about! They're both absolutely perfect and so wanted, yay!

And my favorite and my best (we've been reading a lot of Charlie & Lola and Maya will refer to her favorites as her favorites and bests)

are the book by Owee and the drawings by Maya (and Woody made me a card too, not photographed):

My cup overfloweth ♥♥♥

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