Friday, February 19, 2010

miracle of miracles

It finally happened: OM drank the green monster smoothie! Both of them! Today! 
I almost started shouting I was so excited! 
I've been drinking these beauties for about a month now, everyday, and I always urge them to try them and I always get a big, fat NAPES. But today, as Maya put in the hand-fulls of spinach, tore up the banana, squirted in the flax oil, poured in the soy milk (left over from the scrumptious vegan cupcakes) she looked on approvingly and I could tell her little mind was open. Owen had told me repeatedly he would try it if Maya would, so as he watched his little sister slurp up the green goodness he hurriedly reached for a straw (I'm in a house with a bunch of sickies...more on that in a sec.) and slurped himself some too. And they both said, 'mmmm'. Seriously, the things that make me happy. I'm still beaming.

And! I put out a plea this week to the mamas I know asking for help regarding waterproof mattress pads and I received oodles of great advice and one dear friend sent me this one (plea went out Monday & it arrived today) b/c she had bought an extra. What a friend!
This is her, the one in blue, holding Maya:) Her name is Heather (she lives in Massachusetts) and that is her daughter Sofiah far left. We met in the Peace Corps and I am so grateful our lives crossed paths...♥ her:)... and the other lovely PC amigas there, such amazing women :)

I also got this in the mail this week: the lanyard I ordered from etsy.
The outside package was so sweet (and in Japanese) and the inside was just as sweet. She sent a very kind note too. I have had the nicest experiences ever ordering things off of etsy, do try it.
Yesterday I went to a fabric shop I've been wanting to get to called Cool Cottons to buy the fabric for the dress I'm making. OMG, what a beautiful little place. And so very organized. And the best part was the woman that owns it had a dad in the Navy like me and lived in Key West like me (and San Diego) and so we quickly became besties and I plan on spending more time (and money:) there. 

So, I'm hoping Sunday night this pile of fabric turns into that smocked dress. Wish me luck. (They had amazing fabrics that I loved more than this one but I went for the deeply discounted one since this will be my first attempt at this garment).
And I wasn't the only one that got cool stuff in the mail. Maya got this sweet little outfit from her Grandma Ginger & G'pa Bart. The purple headband too. :)

Her shirt says I believe in fairies:)
She was telling me here that she wants to take the penguin to the doctor today. We're going because Owen may have an ear infection. Last week we went to urgent care once, the pediatrician three times, three different pharmacies and were diagnosed with things like balanitis, phimosis (and therefore referred to a pediatric urologist for O) and conjunctivitis and blah, blah, blah. Parenthood is not for the weak. Now O has pink it goes.
O's drawings from today: these are blasters hitting the earth, he explained.
more blasters and O's new outfit too.

Hope everyone's weather is as amazing as ours here in the pacific NW...

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