Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day.

We made red velvet cupcakes today. In fact, we made vegan red velvet cupcakes from a fantastic recipe out of this book.

I also couldn't resist the black and pink bottle of sparkling wine @ TJ's and so we made our (okay, my) new favorite beverage: pomegranate juice spritzer.

I also couldn't resist the pink tulips @ TJ's.

O & his c'cake.

we also made a cozy fire

Oh, and my next two sewing projects are going to be for me:) 

sewing item #1: a new ID lanyard to replace this hideous one. I actually ordered one from etsy but I'm also going to use her tutorial and make more. (And then maybe move on to beautifying my work cube with some of these super cute ideas.)

I'm also going to make this adorable dress:
from this tutorial. I can already sense the barrage of curse words that will be pouring out of my mouth as I attempt elastic thread but I'm excited for the final product (& I'll make sure Woody takes OM out for some play 60 when I start:). 

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