Sunday, February 7, 2010

seafood fest

As a birthday gift to Woody I cooked him a seafood friendly dinner. It's a gift to him b/c we never eat seafood, as I think it's pretty gross. We're not allowed to use words like 'gross' around here when we look at others' plates with distaste; instead we say, 'how delicious for you.' [I do like halibut and salmon and also tilapia in fish tacos but I do not like crab, shrimp, clams, oysters etc...blech!]

I made up little menu's and we even had a yummy cocktail in martini glasses (they were very dusty when I took them down from the cabinet:)

the cocktail was pomegranate juice with prosecco, mmmmm!
these were the best spring rolls ever and it was a cool experience making them. our kitchen smelled so good and nothing in there was cooked, just fresh veggies, avocado and herbs.
but then I did some cooking: scallops and crab bisque were the main perpetrators to my olfactory disgust. 
But, how delicious for everyone else:) 
The kids got grilled bubba burgers, TJ fries and apples.
And there was a lot of sword dueling last night:

And then Jason grossed me out (I still shudder when I think about it) by drinking the remaining clam juice. Ick!
Owen's artistic streak continues and his work is covering our home. A lot of these new yellow ones were for Woody's birthday.
I believe if you click on the pictures it will make them larger and you can read O's description of what is going on in the drawing.
These are from Friday when W opened his gifts with a little help.
Yes, what he always wanted:)

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