Tuesday, February 9, 2010

spreadin' the love

woo hoo!      heart time! 
i ♥ hearts.
and so we made these (from what we saw here and here).

[sometimes i think my use of ♥'s is excessive but then I read this and smiled and am @ peace with my affinity for little hearts.]
we filled these with pink m&m's (i really wanted to find some pink candy corns but Oregon doesn't seem to have any.)

there are so many cute valentine's day crafts out there. pick one. it's fun.

and more sewing:

the letter 'g' on a black tee:

a season ski pass holder for my brother. first time using elastic, velcro and vinyl. learned lots of things about my sewing machine and what it does and doesn't like to do. (tutorial here.)

to emphasize the clearness of the vinyl, i had to use a photo of OM since I didn't have a spare Swiss Alps seasonal ski pass lying around...

then i made another one for another skier in the family. my favorite male model was on-hand to assist:

i'm trying to finish up a skirt for a friend in the Corps tomorrow. i'll photograph it. i picked the wrong friend to sew a skirt for since she's not here to measure it on. she's super tiny and so far it's way too big for me....yeesh! so, so, so many learning experiences with this sewing gig.

but, i ♥ it.

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