Wednesday, February 3, 2010

green monster smoothie

I thought I should balance out the last post with a little something I also think is deeeeeelicious and eat much more often than these. Green monster smoothies friends. They're good! Real, REAL good.

This is all you need:

Start with a couple big handfuls of spinach, next hemp milk (I buy original unsweetened hemp milk though you could use soy or rice or cow but I dig hemp), flax seed oil (like 1T), a tiny squirt of agave nectar and a banana. Blend away. Enjoy. I've been having it for breakfast but it would be good any ole time. :)

I've been trying to get OM to try them but they refuse. I told them the only reason they didn't want to try some was because they're....'GREEN' Owen screamed! Ugh, kids...

I've also been drinking a lot of tea this week. I usually drink coffee but I've been sick and tea just sounds better. This is a great one, you should try it if you haven't already.

Ah yes, and the turkey trophy (it just came in the mail last week). So, my sister, on behalf of the Hinson family, started an annual turkey trot on Thanksgiving. It was even international this year since my sis-in-law ran it in Switzerland. 

Woody won! Good job:)

Owen and Maya think this is the coolest thing, especially for a trophy, ever! It is pretty awesome. Thanks Deb!!

Husband and father of the year right there watching the kids (ours and others) so me and my friend could shop:) What a guy.♥

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Kristen's Raw said...

Yay for green smoothies! :)