Sunday, February 13, 2011

making hats, thinking about flowers...and creativity

Woody spent time w/ Maya's class on Wednesday. He decided to bring stuff to make hats: feathers, halloween stickers, glittery sticky-back felt, pipe cleaners etc. and got to work...

(maya made a kitty hat)

(Ian made a sparkly crown w/ a ghost and feathers)

(Annika made a bandana hat)

(Leaf's is like a decorated ten gallon hat) 

Scary kitty tongue!

This lady and her flowers are knocking my socks off.

This story is sweet. Reminds me of this

Next purse I buy needs to come from here.

Eat anything she suggests. I've eaten from her is. good.

Battery is in the red.

Why are the grammy's always so bad? 
(Addendum: just saw Mumford & Sons and Avett Bros. play w/ Bob Dylan. Wow.)

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