Tuesday, February 15, 2011

this week's inspiration

Amen sista. 
I loved this talk by Brene Brown. Please give it a listen.

I checked out these books from the library and I love them: 

I'm working on a couple of presentations for work and these ideas are going to help them be a 1000 times better. No death by PowerPoint from me. :)

Plus, I'm trying out the whole 'Hara Hachi Bu' or, eating until you're 80% full. Tried it out at dinner and so far so good. 

Also, check out this piece of lovliness:
I heart Adele.  
And if you haven't checked out other Tiny Desk Concerts on NPR, I recommend them. 

From the Basement is pretty sweet too. (And the new Bright Eyes song is beautiful and I heard Radiohead has a new album coming out in a few days. And did you see "The Suburbs," I mean, Arcade Fire (c'mon Barbara!) finish the Grammy's? I need to get them back in my iMix rotation.)

I also have mucho amor for Rodrigo y Gabriela.

Thanks for the inspiration everyone.

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