Saturday, February 26, 2011

reading material

The top four are currently in my reading pile. 

The Bucolic Plague, so far, is entertaining. 

The Self-Sufficient-ish Bible has loads of good ideas.

Harry Potter. So much to say about Harry Potter. I didn't think I'd make it to the 6th year because Year 4 made me so mad and 5th year was so depressing but I'm glad I stuck with it. Year 6 is much better. All of it is amazing (even when I get mad @ it), I'm glad they made their way into my life.

The last one (Canning & Preserving) is going to be great this spring and summer when all the berries make their way to farmer's market. All the books, except HP, were recommended by Ashley English in this post

You can probably guess who is reading what in the next row. 
Woody = Digital Photography (has some really helpful information from what I've read so far but the author reminds me of a bad Men Suit's Salesman...bad jokes and kind of annoying.)
Owen = Star Wars

(what Maya reads to her baby...I never liked that book but Maya always picks that one for her babies for some reason.) 

(what Maya wore for picture day @ preschool) 

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carrie said...

thanks to this post, we are bean bag shopping this week :)