Sunday, February 20, 2011

safe haven

We had our first visitors today.

We are kind of off to a rough start w/ the whole showing-your-house-whenever-anyone-wants-to-see-it situation. I was @ the grocery store, knee-deep in my internal produce dialogue re: gala vs. fuji, rainbow chard vs. kale, bosc vs. d'anjou vs bartlett, spinach or arugula, when first, an agent from Windermere called to see if she could show the house, then second, our realtor called to make sure the woman could show the house. 


I called our landline and Woody's cell phone and no one was picking up. We had 45 minutes. I still had numerous produce items to pathetically ponder over so I quickly snatched up a large chunk of ginger and a red onion and quickly made my way to the slowest line in the store. 

Super ugh. 
Meanwhile, I'm calling, calling, calling Woody and only getting VM. 

I finally get home, OM are playing on the floor (still in jammies) and Woody was in the backyard listening to his iPod and weeding. 

I threw the LARGE pile of clean clothes laying on our bed back in the dryer, started vacuuming like a maniac while Woody wiped down counters and gently coerced Maya into get dressed. 

Anyway, we made it. With about five minutes to spare.
And to kill time we went to our favorite neighborhood spot, the library. 
Which was closed.
So we went to the park nearby.
And then went to the library @ 1 when it opened.

(that's the library back there to the left)

Back at home painting...

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