Monday, April 18, 2011

do not disturb us

Owen created a little "keep-out" corner of the house last night. Except he's permitting all of us to enter...he's so nice.

The sign says: Do not the disturb us!
Us = Mom, Dad, Owen, Maya, Star, Nigel (his friend), Denise & Jason (Nigel's parents:)
 He cut a bunch of twine and taped it to various surfaces in the play area. 

He had hoped to make a larger space with his twine but Woody was hopeful someone might come to see the house today so put the kaibosh on that.

Then they did some jumps...

The kindness can:

Maya's class has a clear jar that they call the kindness jar and everytime someone does something nice for someone else they put a little puff ball in the jar. Once the jar is filled they have a celebration.

We thought this was a lovely idea so we made our own version for our home. Owen did the decorating.

I've been going to church the past couple of weeks and am super excited to bring the whole family this Sunday for Easter.
I read this lovely blog post this week and this one (and hope you do too:)...

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