Saturday, April 2, 2011

spring break '11 - the people & places

 (Maya & Ginger enjoying a tea party)

 (Maya did Ginger's hair special for the occasion)

 (Helping Grandma Ginger w/ this point I was completely useless to her. Unless your name was Grandma she wanted nothing to do w/ you)

 (Owen quickly succumbed to the addictiveness of Angry Birds on Ginger's phone)

 (Star was either sprinting 100 yard dashes or completely tuckered)

 (Me in the Marina)

 (my dearest friend Season, Scott, W & I @ Greens...I can't stop thinking about how delicious our food was)

 (me @ Petco Park...go Pads!)

 (me 'n Tony...I wore those jeans every single day of our trip. I had anticipated warm weather so only brought one pair, ugh! )

 (my old roomies:) dear, dear SLO friends: Ash, Dan, and baby Beau)

(my Cal Poly downtown peeps; Ash & Marilyn [and the cutest baby on the planet])

 (back in Willits w/ my goofy kid)

 (yes! she got the tongue curling gene)

 (out in style to decorate the snowman)

 (holding up walnuts from the orchard for the snowman)

 (the spring break '11 snowman!)

 (warming up after the snowman was finished)

(our last morning...O getting one last fix of Angry Birds)

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