Monday, April 11, 2011

yellow, orange or yellow-orange?

Moon sand continues to be a hit around here...remember our first foray into moon sand?

A couple of months after we moved in to our sweet home our next-door-neighbors came over and asked us if we wanted a bunch of kid stuff they were getting rid of: 

we scored a giant stash of white paper (that despite OM's prolific artistry we still have LOADS of), several reams of multi-colored butcher paper, a purple book shelf (that I pained red) and this puppet theater with a bunch of puppets. (oh look, I explained that here!)

If it weren't for the fact that we're trying to minimize the amount of crap, I mean belongings, that we have out at any one time to hopefully lure some lucky home seekers into buying our home, this theater would probably be getting even more use. As it is, we have to stow it in the garage every night.

But the puppet shows are adorable when we do get them.

Behold Woody's one and only attempt to create a dinner once a week:

They were incredibly tasty but they don't technically count as dinner b/c as the recipe clearly explains...

It's a spread. 
I like my meals, ya know, well-rounded. 
But it was a good first attempt and hopefully one day soon I'll be enjoying a weekly meal prepared entirely by someone other than me (or Chipotle & Burgerville).

We made the carrot cake again except this time we used zucchini.
Not as big of a hit (it took 2 days instead of <1 day to finish it off) but still tasty.

On Friday, Maya and I cut some tulips and daffodils from the yard to make our house extra awesome for an Open House we were having Saturday (sadly, not one person

We all voted on our favorite color of daffodil. The kind with all yellow centers, the kind w/ all orange centers or the kind w/ a combo of yellow-orange centers.

Which one do you prefer?

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