Monday, April 27, 2009

Puzzles, Moon Sand and the F-L-U...

We've been hit again!  Thankfully not by the stomach flu, but by it's equally vicious cousin, the regular flu.   Fever, runny nose, cough, puffy, watery eyes..overall miserableness.  Tough season for us this year.

Owen put the puzzle together last night and even though he was sick he added in a couple of goofy faces for me.  When he finished it he pointed to Florida and said, "that's where Grandpa Hinson lives" and I said that's right, where is that? and he said, "Africa." :)

These next few photos are of OM having fun with moon sand.  It's awesome stuff!  Woody was having a lot of fun with it.

And Maya and AJ hanging out this weekend.

Gotta run.  Today is the worst day (so far) and OM like to have both eyes and hands on me at all times...

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