Monday, April 20, 2009

Bunny rhymes with sunny...and honey.

It's sunny and 80 degrees!!  I'm wearing shorts and a tee shirt, no shoes!  Few things make me happier.  To fully enjoy the glorious sunshine we went to the zoo today.  For a Monday it was packed but Oregonians know the sun-filled days are few and far between so you have to take advantage of it.  We went with one of Owen's friends from school, Scott, and his mom.  So fun.  And did I mention it was glorious outside?  

A couple of weeks, maybe a month ago, Owen started connecting the sounds of two similar words (e.g., shoe/true) and would tell us they matched.  To which I would reply, yes, they rhyme.  Now he uses the word rhyme and he notices pairs all the time.  Today we ate some bunny crackers as a snack and I mentioned about a million times how sunny it was so he said, "mom,  bunny rhymes with sunny...and honey."  I love him!

Baby sis pointing to the bear down below.  See it?  She's knocking our socks off with her four and five-word sentences.  "I fun @ Eli's house" (we went to Eli's bday Saturday); "I take boots off"; "I pinch Daddy's face"...and many more.  I love her too! :)

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