Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bug Explorers

Yesterday we watched Sid the Science Kid on PBS and it inspired me to go outside (since it was finally sunny!) and find some bugs for OM to check out.  The show was about magnification so I located a couple of magnifying glasses too and when Woody got home we overturned some bricks in the backyard and saw lots of rolly poley's, worms, and various other bugs.  Both Owen & Maya held the rolly poley's and I'm afraid Maya have squished a couple a bit too hard:(

Another idea I like from the show (I don't really like the show very much overall but yesterday's was good) is having a question box.  When Sid (the science kid) asks his parents a question they write it down and put it in a box.  I think that would be fun to look at at some point down the road.  


Debi said...

What fun, having a backyard adventure in the sunshine! I LOVE Sid the Science Kid - why don't you usually like it. We like to sing the "I love my mom, my mom is cool, but now it's time to go to school" song on the way to preschool and kindergarten. :)

Kristen Myklebust said...

Hi Debi:) You're my first comment leaver'er, thanks! Well, I found Sid annoying at first but he's growing on me a little. I do love that song they sing when they go to school and the subsequent one he sings with his friends. :)