Sunday, April 3, 2011

Friday & Saturday

I love my Friday's off. LOVE THEM!

We made this carrot cake. You must make it. A) it's super easy and B) I had to make another one Saturday because it was taken down in one day (so was Saturday's, we have no more).

I followed Angry Chicken's advice and mixed my glaze with a little apple juice instead of water..mmm. I also used 100% whole wheat pastry flour and a touch less sugar.

Good stuff.

The pink trees this time of year break my heart. So gorgeous.

 (Maya has 500 pairs of shoes, courtesy of her cousin Faith, but I couldn't resist these princess Superstars when we were @ the Adidas Employee could I? they match her bike:)

 (looking for duck babies)

a little easter craft we're working on...

 (I made this galette for dinner...super easy but a little too rich for my taste)

Woody and I watched this movie last night...can't stop thinking about it:

Happy Sunday!

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