Monday, February 27, 2012


[The Donnis Trio for your listening enjoyment.]

Date of Birth: 02/27/7* :)

I've had a nice day of peace and sunshine. 

I had a class this morning and gave all my students pedometers for my birthday. :)

I also ran 6 miles. 
It was rough. 
It is clear today but very windy and very cold. 
The body part hollering the most during the run were my ears. 
They're so sensitive.

Looking forward to picking up the two loves of my life there...

We're headed to Chipotle for dinner.
They all made me a gluten-free ice cream cake which I cannot wait to fork in to.

I'm sure we'll end the day as we usually do: piled on Owen's bed for a couple rounds of UNO.
And I'm sure Owen will say what he says every night, 

"Mom, you go last because you're the oldest."

And Woody will try (not very hard) to stifle a smirk and a chuckle and I'll thank Owen for reminding me that I'm the oldest. :)

But, I am the oldest in this dear family of mine that I love with my whole heart.
And I'm feeling uber-thankful and grateful for another year with them.

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