Thursday, February 23, 2012

snowflakes and a woodpecker

(Today's post is to be enjoyed with Bjork.)

Last week I volunteered in O's class and was able to help out with snow flake making.
The 1st graders had pieces of paper they were to cut into snowflakes...pretty basic.

But it was pretty tricky for them because the paper, once cut and folded up, was pretty thick. That and the kid-friendly (read: dull) scissors made for a frustrating task for a lot of them.

So, I saw this post on the Artful Parent and wanted to give Owen (and Maya too) a more enjoyable experience.

I had a bunch of old coffee filters in the garage next to all the water color paints we hadn't seen in awhile so we got to it.

We also put together the little woodpecker toy I mentioned a few posts ago.

Totally excellent. 
(I was the most excited about the woodpecker. He's now hanging in the doorway as you enter the kitchen and he makes me happy.)

This weekend we'll be making bird seed feeders and hopefully planting a bunch of flower seeds.

Photos coming soon...

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