Tuesday, February 7, 2012

some random bits of glee...

I watched in amazement last week as my ever-cautious baby boy walked down the stairs from school with soiled knees.

This kid feels pain (emotional and physical) like no other so he, up to last week @ least, generally avoids activities that are potentially harmful.

As he grows though he keeps surprising me with the things he is willing to try. Running and sliding on his knees is a new thing he's working on. 

He must have tried it in the grass @ school. (Once)

I smiled ear to ear when I saw those dirty knees. The things that make a mama happy.

On a related recent smiling-spree, this article on NPR last week really resonated: 

I passed the "Quiet Quiz" with flying colors. Can't wait to read it...

My other kid meanwhile is knocking our socks off with her mad soccer skills.

She stands alone in her sequin-y, sparkly, doing her very best super-sweet-earnestness amongst a sea of boys and their histrionics. 

Seriously dudes, save the drama for your mama! 

Go Moo go!

Take that fellas...she smoked you.

That's me back there trying to be helpful and kick the ball back to that kid. 
I'm sure I made it worse. Soccer wasn't really my thing.
If Maya has talent it all comes from her dear dad.

OK, other bits of glee (non-kid related):

My blog would be so much cooler if I could write like her. Day in and day out she never disappoints. Always funny and thoughtful...just love her.

101 Cookbooks has also been providing some super delicious delights 'round these parts.
Winter Pasta and Maple Sesame Miso Squash need to be part of your life this week. 

Woody and I watched this movie a couple months ago. It was some random Saturday night and I thought it would be tolerable but it turned out to be charming, funny and completely entertaining. 
I love when that happens.

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