Wednesday, August 26, 2009


They really are. BFF's. Lately Maya's been calling Owen papi, shortened from Big Papi, which Dan and Woody taught her to say ('hey Maya, who's your favorite baseball player'..'big papi' she'd say and they'd laugh)...I'm not sure why she started referring to O as big papi but now she'll tell me, 'I miss papi' when he's not around. It's pretty cute.

I love playing with bubbles. Luckily so do OM so we do it a lot. It's so easy and so endlessly entertaining.

This next picture is from today @ lunch. I had planned on doing it for breakfast but got distracted. I woke up around 4:00 a.m. today, actually before that but I got out of bed around then. I kept waking up thinking I hadn't made my playlist yet for my run this weekend and the only way to get peace was to go do it.

I've been surprisingly productive since bathroom is clean the floors are vacuumed, the outside toys are now in piles of what stays and what goes and I even washed my extremely filthy (white) bed skirt that Star noses repeatedly every morning after she gets back from her run with Woody. The gentle leader bugs her so she likes to scratch her nose to get rid of the feeling I guess. Anyway, now I need to go iron it since those babies never look good straight out of the dryer.

One more thing: Yesterday when I picked OM up from preschool I went to Owen's room first and saw the dreaded ACCIDENT REPORT sticking out of his file. Ugh. It read..

How was child injured? Owen was running when he collided with another child.
Nature & location of injury? Light bruise on the right side of his forehead near temple area.
Action taken? Provided TLC, declined ice
Outcome? Owen took a water break for a few minutes and then returned to play.

Then I went to Maya's room and she too had an ACCIDENT REPORT in her file. Her's read:

How was child injured? Maya was jumping off the loft onto the carpet floor.
Nature and location of injury? When Maya jumped off and landed on the floor she rolled forward and hit the top of her head on the floor.
Action taken? Maya iced her own head, sat and read a book.
Outcome? returned to play.

These two little reports sum up so well the differences between Owen Steven & Maya Ginger. I can totally picture Owen getting upset, sensitive soul that he is, telling them to get that ice away from him and just needing some time alone.

Maya on the other hand was probably intrigued by the idea of holding ice to her head and just kept on moving forward with her day.

Anyway, need to go add these to the bin of items I'm saving for them. I'm sure they'll think they're fascinating one day, right?

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