Friday, August 21, 2009

rose garden

I was a tad nervous that our sassy little thing might rip one of those blooms right off, putting us $500 in the hole! Thankfully she sniffed her way through the rose garden and mercifully listened to us like a good little girl:)

My favorite rose (this time) was the purple moonberry rose (not pictured) that smelled like heaven, it really did.

Portland is cool for a million reasons (though for me it's doomed to be incessantly complained about cuz of that stinkin', incessant rain:) and one of them is this beautiful rose garden that takes my breath away every time. It smells good and looks good and has a sweet view of the city that these photos don't show b/c..duh-duh-duh, it was cloudy. :)

But we had a super great time with G'parents May that came from North Carolina to see us and then Woody and Elee's godmother Madonna was in town too w/ her husband David so we packed a picnic and checked out the cool summer entertainment @ the ampitheater.

Owee setting up our corner of the lawn...

The first part was the Oregon Ballet Theater performing some dance numbers to Cole Porter songs.

Elee looking not so sure about the dancing but AJ dug it:) I loved it too. It was the closest thing to So You Think You Can Dance, the BEST show on TV (okay, when Lost comes back on I might change my mind and if I had cable I'd probably be absorbed in the sweet, sweet drama of Mad Men but, man I love SYTYCD!!)... Especially since this past season they had a ballerina on the show. Thank goodness they're coming back this fall.

[Side note: It is enormously relieving (and entertaining) to not be studying or writing or worrying about studying and writing and just watch TV for two hours. In December it will be a year since I graduated and I'm still STOKED every weekend when I can just chill with the fam and not study.]

Back to the blog...okay, the Portland Cello Project was after intermission and they were swell and so was this guy, Run on Sentence, who played with them for a couple of songs. Then the night turned even better when someone covered The A-Ha's, take on me and then another covered George Michael's one more try..awesome!
We are pretty excited around here b/c we're going to Canada next month for our anniversary and get to bring OM with us (yes, can't go anywhere without our two hilarious goofballs:) and get to stay at a fancy resort in the mountains (courtesy of the much appreciated generosity of g'ma and g'pa May:). Yay! Then in December we're going to hang in the sunny gloriousness of Florida and visit more grandparents (!), the happiest place on earth, and Sea World..yay again!

And I'm also excited to be taking a sewing class with my friend Debi. It's kind of weird I'm excited b/c the last sewing class I took was in 7th grade Home Ec. in Alexandria, VA and everyday I was there I wanted to heave that friggin' sewing machine out the 2nd story window, as all I could manage to do was make knots with the thread and my spastic foot peddle would zoom ahead or jerk and jolt along making all my seams look hideous. Here's hoping that 20+ years has taught me a bit more patience.

AND (sheesh) I quit FB a few weeks ago. My sister, as expected, noticed within hours and I miss her status updates and banter with our brother but overall it's such a time waster and I've got too much to do (and I thought I'd limit my self-promotion to one venue).

Ahh, and: I'm doing Hood to Coast again this year. I'm pretty sure last year I said I'd never do it again but then once it's over you feel so deliriously happy that you forget and need a new challenge. I'm excited though because my legs this year are a little longer (6 miles, 5 miles, 5.23 miles) but flatter, yes! And I don't have to pump milk every couple of hours, huge bonus:)

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