Friday, August 7, 2009

pirate rock

We went to a pirate rock concert (hee hee) Wednesday night and it was very sweet to see all the kids decked out as little swashbucklers. Girls, boys, babies, adults..adorable. It was in front of our library and our new mayor was there too (the day before I'd seen our governor when I was at work).

Woody seems compelled to take photos whenever I'm eating...

Cuttin' loose in the park.

Random thoughts:

1. We lost Nemo. We actually lost her one week into her stay with us. OM think Jasmine is sad without Nemo but we'll stick with just Jasmine for now. I did buy a water filter so now I don't have to clean the tank and I think it will help Jasmine stick around longer than Nemo.

2. We've been watching a lot of spiderman episodes and the theme music is refreshingly rockin'...check it out; especially when they chant 'spectacular, spectacular spiderman!' love it!

3. Interestingly, I've found myself in approval of a program that is getting most of its support and funding from conservatives. I was at work doing a google search for a woman I'm trying to track down and I came across this article. I think this program is awesome and it makes me sad that the people with the power of persuasion on the left side are so opposed. [Margo Salisbury is the woman I was googling, in case you read the article:)].

4. I was about 30 blog posts in the other day (you know how you read one blog and then link to another and another...) and I came across this...I dig it! I'm not all that hip and with it but I'm very drawn to this bag and the black wedge shoes! Plus I love Sofia Coppola. I remember when she won her Oscar for directing Lost in Translation and she attributed her success to her parents and them encouraging her to create something everyday. I think that's great. If only the bag wasn't three plus mortgage payments, sigh...:)

I should get to creating too. We need something scrumptious for dinner and I have a lot more cherries to turn into something.

Oh, but one more thing.

So I get this call yesterday while I'm checking out of the grocery store and when I see the number I about drop to my knees because it was Helen Gordon, OM's preschool. Getting a phone call from them is never good. I've only learned that this year, as every call has been because Maya has ran into something and started bleeding.

Until yesterday they were just courtesy calls. This time she hit her nose on the ground and they couldn't get the bleeding to stop so they wanted me to come get her. OMG!

So of course I'm in traffic, heart racing, so I call their pediatrician to get advice (even though I haven't seen her yet) and leave a message and then finally get there and...

she's happily running around with her friends, looking fine. Long story short, it stopped bleeding obviously and she told her teachers she was fine and wanted to play. The blood went thru two shirts and her lip was swollen but she was good. Sheesh! That girl is going to do me in.

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