Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend peacemakers

The three amigos in front of Kells...

Today we went down to the new Saturday Market on the waterfront and met Sophie and Jason. I've never been a fan of the market, as it's usually filled with drug pushers, pachouli odors (which I don't mind in small doses), and questionable street attire but they're trying to revamp it and make it more family friendly and overall they've succeeded. I still saw a guy walking his girlfriend/wife on a leash and Jason & Sophie walked by a rally where all the women protestors were topless but the food smelled good, the belly dancers were entertaining and OM had fun in the fountain.

Actually we've had one of those super swell weekends where our focus was on relaxing and not doing but we ended up doing a lot in a very relaxed way.

Yesterday I ran seven (freaking) miles trying to prepare for H2C. I was checking out my legs, thinking that my first one was 6 miles exactly but it's 6.4 which is longer:) and totally freaking me out now. My body is more of a 4-5 mile-type and after 6 I feel weird.

Then my friend sent me a link to this and I started to feel like I should just be thankful no one got lost last year, and I didn't have to run 3 extra miles to meet at the next exchange. It describes really well what it's like, except I'm on a Nike team filled with boys that have no idea about "mamaraderie" but were/are supportive nonetheless.

After my run we went to the park and got in some good swinging and a long session of duck, duck, goose which was one of the sweetest things I've ever seen: Maya screaming goose at the top of her lungs and Owen making sure everyone got turns and not even telling M she's doing it wrong when she goes the wrong way to call out duck, duck, duck...GOOSE!

On our walk back home, well into the six o'clock dinner hour, we stopped @ Alby's with NO plan and the first thing I saw were nectarines and avocados next to each other and remembered this recipe and immediately got a plan...grabbed some chicken boobs, a couple of lemons and some beer, finished our walk home and within 20 minutes we had grilled chicken with avocado nectarine salsa, lemon couscous, and salad. Yum.

While we made dinner OM watched Lady & the Tramp. Later were baths, popsicles, stories, bedtime, W and I watched Hot Fuzz and then off to bed. Pretty sweet.

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