Thursday, August 27, 2009


It was requested, so here it is, my 2009 H2C playlist:

Radiohead, Jigsaw falling into place
Pitbull, I know you want me
KT Tunstall, Hold On
2Pac & Snoop, 2 of Americaz most wanted
The Vines, Get Free
Jamie Foxx, Blame it
Adele, Chasing Pavements
Kelly Clarkson, Since U been gone
The Hives, Hate to say I told you so
MGMT, Electric Feel
Kings of Leon, Use Somebody
The Killers, Mr. Brightside
Vampire Weekend, The kids don't stand a chance
Malacates Trebol Shop, Ni un centavo
T.I. & J.T., Dead & Gone
Oren Lavie, Her Morning Elegance
Pete Yorn, For Nancy
Kanye West, Gold Digger
Lady Gaga, Just dance
Jack White & Alicia Keys, Another way to die
Gorillaz, Dare
Dixie Chicks, Ready to run
Interpol, Evil
Leona Naess, Ghosts in the attic

Please, please, please get me through the first 6.4 miles. Last year I made a 2+ hour playlist and ended up playing Kanye's Stronger over and over and over. It was the only thing that kept me moving.

Today my coworker (I'd love to say colleague but I'd feel like a nerd and slightly more ridiculous than I feel when I wear my pager at never know when a mama might be donating cord blood) Lauren, told me that our supervisor told her for the 10th time that she wants to hire me full time. She's told me too but I usually try and change the subject. Lauren doesn't care b/c she's in med school and has her sights set on bigger things.

On one hand I'd feel like a complete idiot if I turned the offer down because I love my job (well, I like it a lot) and it would be a great opportunity. On the other hand, I love my kids (well adore and cherish) and I do not want to give up seeing their smiling, mischievous faces M/W/F. I would so love a fancy, energy efficient washer and dryer but OM just suck me in with their adorableness so I need to be here..

I'm pretty sure.

Especially because I almost had a heart attack the other day as I drove past our neighborhood elementary school and noticed the kiosk was advertising enrollment for next years kindergarten class..which Owen will be a part of! Holy crap! NOT YET!!!!!

Today when I picked up OM from preschool one of O's teachers was explaining to me that when O woke up from his nap he was feeling kind of funky and didn't want snack so they took his temperature and checked his head for lice.

Lice? I asked.

Ya, we sent 14 kids home today with lice.


Ya, you should probably buy some lice shampoo just in case..for you too.

Great, thanks.

Childcare kinda blows sometimes.

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